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Women of Wealth Magazine is at the forefront, leading women of today to the possibilities of tomorrow using strength, wisdom and experience as a solid foundation to guide lives, careers, business and corporate societies in a globally responsible, visionary mission to improve humanity. Mentoring and philanthropy in a multicultural society will soon be the new norm. Wealth of Mentorship and Leadership is the new paradigm of wealth.

Featured Articles

Winter 2018 Issue


April Bernal-Cleek

“I learned throughout my education and church foundation what it was like to have core beliefs and values for my life.”

Spring 2017 Issue


Janice Bryant Howroyd

Janice Bryant Howroyd, or JBH as she is fondly called, is an exciting combination of foresight, fortitude and faith. Her vision is uniquely evident from her decision to start a business at a time when no role models were blazing a trail, and her fotitude from her ability to lead her organization through years of economic changes to be the beacon that it is today.

Summer 2016 Issue


Anna McCoy

Global Strategic Officer, UrbanAmerica & One Woman Movement

Spring 2016 Issue


Dinese Wilson, Phyllis Newhouse & Britnie Turner

Fall 2014 Issue


Monica Pearson & Xerona Clayton

Winter 2013 Issue


Endyia Kinney Sterns

Her Journey to now, VP of programming own network

Featured Events

14 JUL 2018

Billionaire Roundtable – Ft. Lauderdale

Be a part of POWER, redefined.

Billionare roundtable investor’s awards luncheon on the yacht – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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