Tim Ray

In 2009 Ray founded the United Intentions Foundation, a nonprofit foundation, to assist others in learning how to transform worrisome thoughts into positive intentions. He also hosts a radio show where he interviews thought-leaders from around the world. He helped create tools, programs, and resources to help people attract what they truly desire. He now travels, speaking to groups about his passion, turning thoughts into realities. According to Ray, “the definition of living life intentionally is living in the present moment with your thoughts. Once you are conscious of what your thoughts are, you are able to be conscious of what you are creating This interview centers on the Power of Intentions. As stated by Ray, “The average person has over 70k thoughts per-day that can become negative or repetitive.” He goes on to say that “This talk helps people turn challenges into opportunities.” We found that Tim Ray is helping people with goal setting, creating purposeful thinking and teaching you that your “thoughts create your reality”. He reveals how we create our reality, how our thoughts travel inside and outside of our body affecting our environment. Ray’s life work teaches you how to turn worrisome thoughts into positive realities. Let’s listen in.

Warning: this interview was thought provoking and extremely powerful. The opinions, beliefs and content of this interview belong to Tim Ray.

Welcome to our interview Bridge Tim Ray. What a thought provoking interview this is, so tell us what are you involved in right now?

Well, currently I’m involved in two things. Jammin Planet, which is a company I started with Kelly Gallagher, is all about shifting paradigms; highlighting as well as shining light on paradigm shifters in whatever industry they may be. Also, I started a foundation called United Intentions Foundation which is about awareness and awakening people up to the power of their intentions. I started out my career in senior health care, where I started a company Golden Home Services, a home health care company where we send nurses out to provide a service for people in need in the community. We have been doing this for over 15 years.

Intentions, please give thought and reaction to that word?

I feel like intention is more of a steering wheel. We are all aware whether it’s consciously or not, although most of the time our subconscious runs the show. So, the intention aspect of it is a purposeful thought. I like to say intention is a knowing that hasn’t happened yet. When you realize that your intentions can help direct what you want to create in your life, much like the steering wheel when used for the first time, we understand that thoughts come first, and experiences and reality come second.

Thoughts create your reality, not the other way around. When you realize that you have the steering wheel and can turn it this way or that way, it creates power in your life. You realize that you can steer your life in a direction where you are empowered to work to do anything you choose. You now have a glimpse of being able to create your reality and perhaps for the first time ever, apply the intention process into your daily life. You now can be the creator of your destiny.

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