April Bernal-Cleek

As kids we would dream about what we would be one day: a nurse, a lawyer or even a doctor. But for April Bernal-Cleek, all she dreamed about was being a leader who inspires others to believe their potential and go after their dreams. Little did she know that one day she would be living her destiny.

April was born in Palm Springs, California then moved to Massachusetts at the age of 5. Growing up, April lived in a Christian home, raised by two loving parents where she and her siblings learned to develop structure early on in their lives.

Bernal-Cleek states, “I learned throughout my education and church foundation what it was like to have core beliefs and values for my life.”

Like all success stories, many celebrities and those who are wealthy in their careers always have struggles or hard times. April too had her fair share of life-challenges and shared her story with WOW.

“In 2004, I had recently gotten married and was waiting tables for a living. It was hard, my husband at the time was in the army and we were just trying to make ends meet. I was unhappy with the serving job but surprisingly the owner wanted me to become a partner and began sending me to proprietary school. My eyebrows raised—I was like, absolutely not! But then I really made a choice, a pivot point in my mind, and my heart to see this as an opportunity and to be grateful for it and make the most of it. Soon after that, I was given a job opportunity from a man that came to the restaurant often offering me the chance of a lifetime to travel the world to places like Japan, Germany, and Italy teaching doctors on Electronic Health Records. My world began to change from these small decisions.

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