Ginger Moxey

Ginger Moxey will be the first to tell you that it hasn’t been easy, and that it’s still a challenge, but her goal of empowering others and assisting those in need will continue to be her definition of creating wealth.

It began at a very young age. Her father was killed when she was 8 years old and her mother struggled to take care of her and her brothers, but moving in with her grandparents, she believes, cemented her foundation of wanting to help others.

“It all started with the after-school classes that I held at age 10 for the kids in the neighborhood,” expressed Ginger. “I realized at that time that I was not only assisting the kids in my community, but I was reinforcing what I had learnt in school. This was a win-win situation.”

At the age of 12, Ginger was awarded a scholarship from a public primary school to a private high school on the island. The scholarship included tuition, but she still lacked funds for books and uniforms. She asked the company that provided the scholarship for a job, began working during the summer and at Christmas, and eventually went on to become Vice President. Her desire to assist those in need continued throughout her career, but she felt that there was always more that she and others could do. So in 2014, Ginger left her secure, 6-figure job to pursue her purpose and her passion and created Immerse Bahamas, a destination and project management company that focuses on developing entrepreneurs, and its non-profit arm, 700 Partners that is dedicated to assisting those in need.

Ginger insists, “I’ve been asked time and time again, how helping others creates wealth? I look at wealth in terms of my happiness, my satisfaction, my joy! I cannot separate helping others from my life… And, yes, when the going gets rough, I ponder, who is there to help me, but alas, God has never forsaken me, and answers right on time!”

When Women of Wealth Magazine told Ginger that they wanted to feature her in its upcoming edition, not only was she surprised, but in her words “Why… Why feature me when I do not symbolize what others associate with wealth. I am not there and last year has been one of the toughest to date?”

This is exactly what makes Ginger’s story so compelling. She aligns her own goals with the goals of others; encounters road-blocks many times along the way, but keeps on fighting for what she believes is her purpose. “During a very difficult period, the thing that forced me to soldier on was looking at my son’s bedroom wall with a prayer fastened to it that I had written in 2014 about my vision for that year.. He had somehow found it in the home office, and uses it to inspire and guide him on a daily basis.”

The prayer reads, “Dear God, I bring Immerse Bahamas before you dear Heavenly Father. You know me… you know my heart… you know that I care sincerely about the wellbeing of others. I ask dear Father that this is the year that you bring Immerse Bahamas to fruition with excellence, and allow it to be the transformation that is needed in The Bahamas.

Immerse Bahamas will touch the world; it will revolutionize the way we promote The Bahamas. Immerse Bahamas will be a beacon of hope for so many Bahamians. Immerse Bahamas will bring me and the people that I love into a lifetime of wealth and prosperity.

Immerse Bahamas will take care of the educational needs of my children. Immerse Bahamas will be all over the world with hotels and resorts, airlines, cruise ships, and a communications conglomerate. Immerse Bahamas will make history for The Bahamas, and will be featured on the international stage. Immerse Bahamas is God’s company, showing the world how.

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