Kim Goudey

I was so excited to have met Kimberley Goudey. She is an awesome and phenomenal woman, and her message is revolutionary. It’s something women have needed to hear about for a long time. I caught up with Goudey as she was doing a Resolute Trust presentation at Lewis Finch Studios. Her message blew my mind. I felt it was truly revolutionary, and my readers needed to hear about it. I asked Goudey why no one was talking about this concept, and just what was The Resolute Trust? I’m still just as excited today conducting this interview as I was from the first time I heard her presentation on the power of The Resolute Trust. You are in for a knowledge treat.

“It was reported that Nelson Rockefeller said, ‘The secret to success is toown nothing and control everything.’ I couldn’t agree more,” says Goudey. “I originally thought Trusts were for the super-wealthy, and their sole purpose was to protect the family’s estate from Estate Tax when one passed. I have since learned that Trusts can be quite powerful while one is still living. The wealthy pass down their knowledge from generation to generation. Each of their children are taught how to maintain their family’s legacy and wealth. I see an opportunity with the new entrepreneur. Not many people are teaching the first-generation entrepreneur the asset protection and strategic tax reduction strategies needed to build a lasting legacy. Many business owners excel at making money, but very few are taught how to keep their money. It’s not about wealth; rather, it’s about acquiring the knowledge that will lead to sustained wealth, and about teaching generations of families how to leave a legacy utilizing the IRS rules the wealthy use to THEIR advantage.”

Goudey goes on to explain just what The Resolute Trust is. “It has been around for over 25 years, specifically designed for BOTH Asset Protection and Tax Reduction.

The word Resolute means purposeful, determined, and unwavering. The Trust was designed by a collaboration of CPAs, Trust Attorneys, Tax Attorneys and, Contract Attorneys. It took 12 years to develop and has been vetted in all 50 states. Some of our Signature Trust lines include Legacy, Business, Real Estate, Retirement and Charitable Trusts.” According to Goudey, “Our Resolute Trust not only helps the business owners protect assets but also helps with strategic tax planning while the business owner is alive and producing income. I have grown and owned businesses my whole adult life utilizing my CPA knowledge in business, but I have never seen such a powerful tax reduction strategy as provided by utilizing our Trust. It all boils down to knowledge and using the rules in your favor.”

Exactly, what type of clients do you work with? “I work with business owners as well as individuals to protect their assets and reduce their tax liability. I was looking for personal asset protection when I found this Trust. Having a CPA background, I recognized the power on the tax reduction side, and began using trust strategies personally. After it helped my family so dramatically, I said “We’ve got to get this message out there”. Learning the rules changed my life, and it was a message I just had to share. So, that’s why this business was formed.”

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