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WOMEN OF WEALTH MAGAZINE is a resource driven, innovative media communication device dedicated to empowering women and girls around the World through financial education and mentoring. Our mentoring component is powered by Affluent Women, Corporations and Executive Women Leaders of today. 

‚ÄčOur Mentoring and Coaching Programs thrive because of our strategic partnerships, technology, smart digital marketing and the Uncommon Leadership of others that are looking to form long term relationships that will develop into strategic partnerships. We will continue to be an influential driving force in women entrepreneurs. Our vision and goals will always remain focused on empowering young women and girls enabling them to fulfill their promise and to reach their goals.

Billionaire Roundtable

WE SYMPOSIUM iThe mission of the World Economic Symposium is to engage the foremost International Trade leaders, global business and finance leaders, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. The Symposium is bringing together thought leaders from around the world who will draw upon their collective intelligence, disrupting every aspect of technology and will change the role of government and countries. We look at topics from a systematic approach to change ineffective systems in an increasingly complex and transformational world.

BILLIONAIRE ROUNDTABLE FUND RAISING ARM FOR  THE GLOBAL WOMEN EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION, the NON PROFIT ARM OF WOW MAGAZINE Our mission is to educate, elevate, empower and impact women entrepreneurs who are on the cutting edge of success but need a little more support to turn the corner. WOW Magazine desire to raise enough funding to offer scholarships and funding to enable potential entrepreneurs to attend conferences or summits conducted, hosted and created by affluent men and women around the nation and even globally. Portion of proceeds from our Summits go into our Foundation and will operate as a tax deductible write off for all contributors. We support women starting small businesses all around the globe.

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