Icons of the Boardroom

Women of Wealth Magazine; and Strategic Business Connexions Nexus (STRABUCON) of Royal Biographical Institute, are pleased to announce the collaborative initiative of a Book concept that is designed to propel business people of today onto the infinite possibilities of tomorrow by employing their individual and collective knowledge, wisdom and experience as a motivational pedestal to guide the lives and careers of upcoming generations of entrepreneurs, thereby contributing to the sustained entrepreneurial evolution of a globally responsible and responsive human family.

Be A Part of A Unique Publication In The History of Literary America.

50 men and women of excellence...

…in the fields of finance, economics, private enterprise and the humanitarian deed. Icons of the Boardroom is a magnificent literary platform for business people to showcase their eventful lives, achievements, and businesses, while placing them on a platform of inspiration and motivation for others.

Have you always wanted to be featured in a book?

Are there poignant experiences that you wish to share with the world?

Do you wish to make some impact on the world with your story?

Do you wish to sell your brand with your remarkable story?

Everyone has a unique legacy. What is yours?

Your legacy will include the most significant moments of your life.

What have been the best moments of your career?

What have been the most challenging phases of your career?

“Your legacy will include the most significant moments of your life.”


  • An eclectic compendium of the abridged, yet concise and comprehensive biographies of fifty (50) individuals who have made remarkable strides in entrepreneurship and free enterprise
  • The book will celebrate the very best attributes of American entrepreneurs
  • The book will place the excellence, virtues and achievements of these icons on the conspicuous pedestal that is worthy of inspiration and motivation.
  • A profile of each biographee, to be built around a picture and biographical text.
  • There will be a public presentation of the book where each biography will be honored with an award of excellence to be named “Icon of The Boardroom Award.” This will be in the form of a plaque and a certificate.

The Book

  • An attractive, glossy-sleeved collector’s item of 400 pages
  • Written in excellent, easily comprehensible contemporary prose
  • Envisaged to be the sort of book that a sophisticated person will conveniently carry in a handbag, or a briefcase, and be able to casually flip through while out alone at a seaside restaurant having lunch.
  • A Book of men and women of destiny, integrity, influence, mentorship, nobility of spirit, and indomitable spirit in the face of daunting challenges.

What’s Next?
Fill Out the Registration Form Below. Registration ends on September 22, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.

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